Worst Karens That Went Too Far

30 Sep 2020
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  • Karen does have a point you shouldn't be on someone else's private property but if you're just in a neighborhood that's just too far

    Ashlynn ClarkAshlynn Clark18 menit yang lalu
  • Everytime I watch these karen vids, I just wanna come down there with them and get wild at them

    R35P4WNR35P4WNJam Yang lalu
  • wait karens have evolved they no longer need to see the manager lol

    MinidiverguyMinidiverguyJam Yang lalu
  • Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol

    Rubano WieliczkoRubano WieliczkoJam Yang lalu
  • I would do the second Karen she’s cute 😊

    Mine StrapMine StrapJam Yang lalu
  • I forgot, There is an easy way to deal with all Karen's. Just ask them how their sex life is and if their orgasms are working out.

    Stephen SalkinStephen SalkinJam Yang lalu
  • Have you considered that you are somewhat of a Karen yourself?

    Stephen SalkinStephen SalkinJam Yang lalu
  • One time I was riding my bike and someone was backing out but not slowly so the edge of the car hit me and then they said that I need to watch where I’m going. And then another lady yelled at them for not driving safely.

    Elizabeth PetersonElizabeth PetersonJam Yang lalu
  • Oh my god

    Aubree MazzaAubree MazzaJam Yang lalu
  • Love these videos.. make them more often

    Bhavya vegesnaBhavya vegesna2 jam yang lalu
  • i feel like yyeeting coffee at a window is worse for the person who threw it

    Jessie likes food!Jessie likes food!3 jam yang lalu
  • ok but... if youre gonna accuse a dog of biting you get the breed right??? that dog looked nothing like a doberman lol

    LemonBeeLemonBee3 jam yang lalu
  • Yeehaw! (This is for the first one)

    FunnehEclispeFunnehEclispe3 jam yang lalu
  • Lol,crazy hooman

    Kellie mary SinclairKellie mary Sinclair3 jam yang lalu
  • Wanna hear a fun fact? A Karen just knocked on your door screaming :)

    Asim ShahzadAsim Shahzad3 jam yang lalu
  • She so blazen sniperwolf Barbie doll status

    Robert VegaRobert Vega3 jam yang lalu
  • What is the hoa?

    Roxy The RainWingRoxy The RainWing4 jam yang lalu
  • Sssniper wolf this is my first video I've seen of you

    idunnowhatmyuser isidunnowhatmyuser is4 jam yang lalu
  • Almost for got she told me where she lived at before she was my neighbor she said some of the neighbors spit on her before I was thinking Mind your business lol 👀👀👀👀

    Leroy HessLeroy Hess4 jam yang lalu
  • The second Karen made me So BLOODY MAD

    Stick AnimationsStick Animations5 jam yang lalu
  • We call them kens that’s what male Karens are

    Laura McEachernLaura McEachern5 jam yang lalu
  • I never knew there was so many Karen's love you

    India ColesIndia Coles6 jam yang lalu
  • LOL

    aishah abdullahaishah abdullah6 jam yang lalu

    Cindy SluderCindy Sluder6 jam yang lalu
  • Old white woman.

    Edward DymowskiEdward Dymowski7 jam yang lalu
  • never ever ever will I ever come back to this channel

    Jim NasticksJim Nasticks8 jam yang lalu
  • I once wait an hour or 2 for chocolate drinks (mind it was small) and I waited I think if little young me (who was inpatient) could wait that long I think a adult can

    xX DugTheDog XxxX DugTheDog Xx8 jam yang lalu
  • The woman that faked that the dog bit her is so good man

    Arthur Eloy BarbeitaArthur Eloy Barbeita9 jam yang lalu
  • The scientists need to develop a new vaccine for this KAREN SYNDROME.

    monty soomermonty soomer9 jam yang lalu
  • 6:58 she on her period or something? Someone give her chocolate pls

    CloudssCloudss11 jam yang lalu
  • O O -

    Rat RatRat Rat12 jam yang lalu
  • Karens eat problems They eat problems for breakfast,lunch, and dinner

    RealityXRealityX12 jam yang lalu
  • If I was a carrot I would not throw my drink at someone I would keep that valuable drink cuz then I have to go all the way back to Starbucks to get a three 3.95 frappuccino coffee something

    Ashlynn ClarkAshlynn Clark13 jam yang lalu
  • This is Karen every morning they wake up get out of bed and say to their selves I'm going to go aggravate a random person that's doing nothing and then I'm going to get mad as heck because someone recording me cuz I don't know how to act like a normal person and just be happy with what a great life I have no I'm just going to aggravate someone for nothing

    Ashlynn ClarkAshlynn Clark13 jam yang lalu
  • You've been YELLED AT!

    Rachael ThomasRachael Thomas13 jam yang lalu
  • I'm just a teenager you want everything I own for touching your car you want my bed you want my toothbrush you want my dog why would you want my dog

    Ashlynn ClarkAshlynn Clark13 jam yang lalu
  • You hit my car Karen vs Karen

    Ashlynn ClarkAshlynn Clark13 jam yang lalu
  • This is what you say to a Karen when she says I basically own your house you say okay well here's your house it has a few issues like the plumbing is not good the toilet overflows every time I flush it so if you can spend about $1,000 fixing the sink and all the other problems this house is your's good luckat least I don't have to pay for the stuff I could just keep my money with no the money is yours so here's your house with all its 1000 issues that I'm pretty sure you have enough money to pay for so if you basically own my house in my house has issues

    Ashlynn ClarkAshlynn Clark14 jam yang lalu
  • Am I the only one that Want to punch a Karen

    Ziyaad LoveZiyaad Love14 jam yang lalu
  • After watching video after video for the last few years, I observe and realise that America is becoming a terrible and filthy country with racists and stupid attitudes. All happening during Trumps regime. Once respected as a wonderful United States. But now?

    Albert TempleAlbert Temple14 jam yang lalu
  • 😂

    Doveca2020 RobloxDoveca2020 Roblox15 jam yang lalu
  • went to far

    diawara familydiawara family15 jam yang lalu
  • ok

    diawara familydiawara family15 jam yang lalu
  • The guy who had the atv is Phill the thrill

    Jaxons Cat channelJaxons Cat channel15 jam yang lalu
  • The first clip i saw that on a youtube channel...the title was saving a baby in a box

    Francodxd PUBGMFrancodxd PUBGM16 jam yang lalu
  • Who has owner rank. /mute Karen

    Pman034Pman03416 jam yang lalu
  • The cars TikTok was among us all over again

    It's.bella_the-panda •_•It's.bella_the-panda •_•16 jam yang lalu
  • i just noticed all of the kingdom hearts stuff in your background

    Ethan MayerEthan Mayer17 jam yang lalu
  • This Broad hosting the vid is one loud mouthed KAREN !!

    Tom ThumbTom Thumb17 jam yang lalu
  • Me

    ELLA BOWKERELLA BOWKER17 jam yang lalu
  • Jack Doherty anyone

    Teagan MathisTeagan Mathis18 jam yang lalu
  • Are you a real person or a robot?

    web1187web118718 jam yang lalu
  • It’s so sad that one of the Karen’s is pretty, they could have not been a Karen and maybe been a model

    wolf girl p.s. dis not my YouTube channelwolf girl p.s. dis not my YouTube channel18 jam yang lalu
  • Me:dang this new dirt bike is so cool keran:can you shouldn't be rodding this on the street me:bruhh I live here keran:well were are your parents me:why do you need to know

    pro gamer tvpro gamer tv18 jam yang lalu
  • Precisely why a woman will NEVER be President

    wingsandstringswingsandstrings19 jam yang lalu
  • *NoOoooO SthAPppppp!!*

    XxFøx_StudiøsXx YTXxFøx_StudiøsXx YT19 jam yang lalu
  • The girl the said I have police coming did u notice that the door is open on the other side

    Melissa HutnakMelissa Hutnak19 jam yang lalu

    Tanisha NelsonTanisha Nelson20 jam yang lalu
  • Also I hate you just because you said yeeted.

    Shawn ShurtzShawn Shurtz20 jam yang lalu
  • Grammy ?!?! Isn't that for singing and not acting?.

    Shawn ShurtzShawn Shurtz20 jam yang lalu
  • ಥ_ಥ

    •Titánič Vībeś·•Titánič Vībeś·20 jam yang lalu
  • The 3rd one is just like in gacha life (the acting)

    caro et anna gcaro et anna g20 jam yang lalu
  • Never seen you before but DAMN YOUR FINE!

    Randall HartRandall Hart21 jam yang lalu
  • I hate all the Karens

    Sonia RodriguezSonia Rodriguez21 jam yang lalu
  • The HOA Karen is actually setup Its stage

    AjAj21 jam yang lalu
  • "When did you become a law officer?" When did you become brain dead?

    Ryoko Kereu KhuranRyoko Kereu Khuran21 jam yang lalu
  • Well, yeah, that's pretty much how the laws of trespass work. If you don't own property in the community, you can't be there or use the property. Hello? Now who's acting all we entitled?

    Terry HooverTerry Hoover22 jam yang lalu
  • I like how I’m 10 and I’m pretty much a baby but they pretty much be acting my age 😂

    Ella McClellanElla McClellan22 jam yang lalu
  • I fell sad for these men

    shadow gamershadow gamer22 jam yang lalu
  • I don't now if I should feel sad for humanity or just depressed on what we've become

    shadow gamershadow gamer22 jam yang lalu
  • Who else noticed that Phil the thrill was on there

    The Silver Hawk AThe Silver Hawk A22 jam yang lalu
  • The dog lady can't be a serious vid lol

    Otis CorleyOtis Corley22 jam yang lalu
  • The second one isn't real. She does these with her boyfriend. There is also the bowling one. lame

    Kiki LolaKiki Lola23 jam yang lalu
  • Hi

    Daisy JonesDaisy Jones23 jam yang lalu
  • I feel like the second one is not real

    zwallace498zwallace49823 jam yang lalu

    L SL S23 jam yang lalu
  • Like them glasses...

    yes noyes no23 jam yang lalu
  • Other ppl:touches Karen's car Karen:I WaNt EVERYTHING Me who just looks at a Karen's car Karen:GIVE ME YOURSOUL

    Jan DanielJan Daniel23 jam yang lalu
  • Love u sssniperwolf

    Maddie FenlyMaddie FenlyHari Yang lalu
  • I love ur Karen vids can I have a shout out

    Maddie FenlyMaddie FenlyHari Yang lalu
  • I am embarrassed that I am part of a society where there are people as dumb as the people on the list of videos Sssniperwolf reacted to.

    BILLY COMIX123BILLY COMIX123Hari Yang lalu
  • Hey

    Cal MillsCal MillsHari Yang lalu
  • Hello I was just play getting Among Us with you

    Kylie vannnattaKylie vannnattaHari Yang lalu
  • Too funny thanks for the videos lolol

    bruce gonzalesbruce gonzalesHari Yang lalu
  • Your commentary makes for a bad video

    David MaybenDavid MaybenHari Yang lalu
  • Oh my God this is so funny

    Neveah WilsonNeveah WilsonHari Yang lalu
  • Can you make a video reacting to a nukes exploding plz?

    Michael LKSMMichael LKSMHari Yang lalu
  • Come back to the UK please when covid is gone

    Claire AbabioClaire AbabioHari Yang lalu
  • Karen????? Or Brenda????

    Seth WolfeSeth WolfeHari Yang lalu
  • I mean 31 may 2015

    Emanuel LonganillaEmanuel LonganillaHari Yang lalu
  • I have been watching sense 13 may 2015

    Emanuel LonganillaEmanuel LonganillaHari Yang lalu
  • Ok wasn't the second video a skit they were reacting showing how Karen's act

    kendra warrenkendra warrenHari Yang lalu
    • Yup that’s what I thought

      Rachel RumseyRachel Rumsey23 jam yang lalu
  • Karen - i own your home Me - wha-? Karen - goes inside * Me - goes inside with her * Karen - calls the cops * Cop - comes * Cop - what is your emergency mam? Karen - she is inside my house ! Me - 👁👄👁 Me - shows proof its my home * Karen - shouts at me and the cop “ i am calling the army “ My mind - yea ... right ....

    Leisna AheibamLeisna AheibamHari Yang lalu
  • When the lady pretends that the dog bit her it first bit her on one leg then she switches to the other leg? She is stupid the lady not sssniperwolf

    Sara NorvalSara NorvalHari Yang lalu
  • Can you believe every one of them were liberal's and DemonRats. Hahahahaaaa..

    Ron SinclairRon SinclairHari Yang lalu
  • Lol horse girl 😹😹

    Kaya YoKaya YoHari Yang lalu
  • *I basically own your house* Hits that lady with whatever I find Also kills her and erases her soul-

    Baibhavi Satyal拜巴維Baibhavi Satyal拜巴維Hari Yang lalu
  • Me when I see Lia in her glasses: * AGGRESSIVELY GRABS RED HELLO KITTY GLASSES *

    iiLyniiiiLyniiHari Yang lalu
  • But I have a wetness now u can miss this 😂😂😂

  • Gosh that karens is DuMbAsS

    Andreamorainne PiliAndreamorainne PiliHari Yang lalu