Spoiled Kids Think They Own Their Parents

10 Sep 2020
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  • I am shocked

    Prank ZonePrank Zone8 menit yang lalu
  • im a kide

    Idaliz GalarzaIdaliz Galarza38 menit yang lalu
  • Ssniperwolf did not notice it said actor

    Evelin MaloneyEvelin Maloney45 menit yang lalu
  • i want watermalon bed😢id miss it ty labels

    link the gamerlink the gamer57 menit yang lalu
  • If I would not respond to my mother calling my name I would get a scolding right there

    Aanya MehtaAanya MehtaJam Yang lalu
  • Yes

    Geormary RodriguezGeormary RodriguezJam Yang lalu
  • Wow how rude

    Reimi LovikoReimi LovikoJam Yang lalu
  • I like the background

    Drawing with JamesonDrawing with JamesonJam Yang lalu
  • Omgggggggggg

    Diane FDiane FJam Yang lalu
  • If I did that ill be DEAD aready

    strawberry gamesstrawberry gamesJam Yang lalu
  • If I talked to my mother like that she would beet the sh*t out of my sorry a*s with those shoes then drag me out of that shop by my ear actually polling it really hard then murder me at home or stuff that would make me want to die

    little Moonlittle Moon2 jam yang lalu
  • Me: Huh, these kids are spoiled tsk tsk tsk My brain: IS THAT AN AOT POSTER BEHIND HER?? NO WAYYY :0

    Green BeanGreen Bean2 jam yang lalu
  • I know it was so cute

    Erin BoalErin Boal3 jam yang lalu
  • i a a kid but when my mom sas no i just say okay mom

    Areeb SulaimanAreeb Sulaiman3 jam yang lalu
  • OMG Same! My parents would never let me buy shoes for 100 bucks The limit for me is 40 bucks! This kid is spoiled!

    Catherine KoeppelCatherine Koeppel4 jam yang lalu
  • Those kids should get a mom from Philippines haha. If i said those things to my mom ,my mom would literally smack me with the broom or belt ksks

    Thea MarieThea Marie5 jam yang lalu
  • Me: watching these kids Also me: forgets to pick up clothes Mom: you’re missing prom

  • oi crocss are not bad

    Aboki shine my shoeAboki shine my shoe6 jam yang lalu
  • When I was younger and my parents said “I’m gonna go...bye........cya later” me:”cya” heheheheheheheh i beat their game

    RatQueenyeet _RatQueenyeet _7 jam yang lalu
  • Goood video though XD

    Anna BananaAnna Banana8 jam yang lalu
  • I wish the world didn’t have people like that 😞😞😞

    Anna BananaAnna Banana8 jam yang lalu
  • They are soooo mean

    Anna BananaAnna Banana8 jam yang lalu
  • !! YOUR PARENTS LET YOU GET SHOES FROM JORDANS?? My moms gettin me 10 dollorar walmart shoes ;-;

    Mari_ ArtzMari_ Artz8 jam yang lalu
  • If these were my children i would have gotten the hose immediately walking into the store and take them to the bathroom if they start acting up and beat the devil out of them.

    Danyboi :PDanyboi :P10 jam yang lalu
  • My shoes cost about $40 😂

    lxuielxuie12 jam yang lalu
  • Girl at age 13 : Buying expensive shoes and screaming on parents Me at 13: Wearing old school shoes on my Tops

    Black RabbitBlack Rabbit12 jam yang lalu
  • If I got money or anything like if I got ANYTHING bec my mom buys me something that I like on Wednesday but the thing that I get the most is love and that’s all I need is love bec I have a cousin and they kinda rich and she’s a real brat bec her mom never has time for her and her brother is a asshole that why you should be grateful for what you have ok👍

    Gacha CookieGacha Cookie15 jam yang lalu
  • What I would do: "Hey you want some money?", "Nope youre not gonna get it". **grabs a ligher and burn 300**

    Hong KimHong Kim16 jam yang lalu
  • Materialistic things are ehh i mean i get it but im preparing for the apocalypse first or a natural disaster.

    Alexis De SantosAlexis De Santos16 jam yang lalu
  • My iPad broke and I didint even ask my mom for a new one, but she bought me one cause I’m nice and grateful and barely ask for anything. I’m , even if my mom gave me 100 dollors to spend I would have been shook, cause 100 for me is like 1000 dollors,when my mom gives me some cash I even leave some money and give it back to my mom.

    WolfieWolfie16 jam yang lalu
  • how can i see it

    games and video games white fluffy unicorngames and video games white fluffy unicorn16 jam yang lalu
  • In Asia , if your mom says "you can buy a snack" It's like the best day ever

    Charles AcostaCharles Acosta17 jam yang lalu
  • me: inhales mom: your free trial of ¨living¨ has ended.

    Luong PhatLuong Phat17 jam yang lalu
  • DA the girl

    Coryn EdwardsCoryn Edwards18 jam yang lalu
  • If I was that girl’s mother she would be black and blue

    Balee AustinBalee Austin18 jam yang lalu
  • i love it

    Dang IsabellaDang Isabella18 jam yang lalu
  • its good

    Lucy HalfhillLucy Halfhill19 jam yang lalu
  • Ahahahahahahaha ahahahahahaha

    Stephi MStephi M19 jam yang lalu
  • Me: talks back to my mom Mom: know you’re grounded for a month and you don’t get any shoes or she go around to everyone in the store with me and make me tell everyone what I did

    Kayleee SchockKayleee Schock20 jam yang lalu
  • Dass so rude&mean

    Marina AvilesMarina Aviles22 jam yang lalu
  • 👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁

    Marina AvilesMarina Aviles22 jam yang lalu
  • Dass so mean

    Marina AvilesMarina Aviles22 jam yang lalu
  • 👁👄👁

    Marina AvilesMarina Aviles22 jam yang lalu
  • Child: “You should get me those shoes now!” Parent: “I’m sorry I cannot afford those shoes” Me: “LISTEN HERE KID YOU ARE MAKING YOUR OWN PARENT LOOKING DUMB BE GRATEFUL OF WHAT HE/SHE COULD AFFORD MY OWN PARENT BUYS ME STUFF AND IM STILL GRATEFUL. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE A PARENT WITH YOU AND ONE DAY YOU MAY NOT SAY SORRY OF WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!” Child: 🥺 Everyone in the shoe store: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Jaybien OrtegaJaybien Ortega23 jam yang lalu
  • I could never talk to my mom like the first kid my mom would have threw every shoe in the store at me 😭

    ItsYaBoiLesterItsYaBoiLester23 jam yang lalu
  • I do

    chew and naya Wrightchew and naya Wright23 jam yang lalu
  • Oof hahhahahahahahahhahaha And I Oop skskskskskskskskkskskskskskskskskksksskkskskskskskskskksksksksksksksksksksksksk.

    Bree SwannBree Swann23 jam yang lalu
  • 5:07

    Charles ShenCharles ShenHari Yang lalu
  • Isn’t it funny 😆 that the employee is right there when she said the shoes 👟 are ugly

    Chase FlemingChase FlemingHari Yang lalu
  • Actually that little girl is old enough to get a job, I’m 13 and have a job at McDonald’s, I’m only a janitor but I still make about $300 a week

    Ttv-snipe2034Ttv-snipe2034Hari Yang lalu
  • I’m not even an adult and I know if my child was talking crap and smack in my face it would be time to get the belt

    X -BoltX -BoltHari Yang lalu
  • Disappointed. I thought this would be reacting to real situations.

    Good NewsGood NewsHari Yang lalu

    Shradha ThampiShradha ThampiHari Yang lalu
  • The background looks perfect for me

    Shradha ThampiShradha ThampiHari Yang lalu
  • my asian ma would SMACK me bruh

    iiAxgel ii天使 iiMxlxikxtiiAxgel ii天使 iiMxlxikxtHari Yang lalu
  • Imagine speaking like this to your Asian mom-

    Lia_nahariLia_nahariHari Yang lalu
  • Sssniperwolf, they are actors for a tv show

    Lucky DuckyLucky DuckyHari Yang lalu
  • Mom: gives kid $100 to spend. Kid: your so broke mom My mom: gives me £1 to spend Me: thanks mom I love you

    anas dawoud dawoudanas dawoud dawoudHari Yang lalu
  • Asian parents are better parenting

    Ram Jacob LevitaRam Jacob LevitaHari Yang lalu
  • "Only $100" WHAT I mean that is still expensive. My most expensive shoes are £22.

    D RD RHari Yang lalu
  • Kids insulting parents:GIMMIE WORTHLESS SHOES If that was me: *HITS WITH CHANKLA*

    milsa mundellmilsa mundellHari Yang lalu
  • Right if I even dared talking to my mom like this I would have been really extremely hurt in all types of ways with the Balt and my moms hands. Ouch mom more like oooooooooowwwww mommm ow oow ow

    Braylin PresleyBraylin PresleyHari Yang lalu
  • Haha yes I love my parents and I listen to them and on my birthday I’m getting a iPad Air the new one 😏

    sarah aragonsarah aragonHari Yang lalu
  • If I talked to my mom like that she would slap the life outa me till I cry🤗😆

    Vivica HubbardVivica HubbardHari Yang lalu
  • Kid: (roasts parent) Me:🤯

    Lillian DuchesneLillian DuchesneHari Yang lalu
  • For the first video if that scene happened right in front of me I would be throwing the sneakers that he wanted at him

    Legend ForeLegend ForeHari Yang lalu
  • It’s just a play I think

    Maliyah ThomasMaliyah ThomasHari Yang lalu

    arwen sufiaharwen sufiahHari Yang lalu
  • Idk why but I wanna punch sssniperfolf sorry

    Gary MacyGary MacyHari Yang lalu
  • "Is this normal AL behavior Me:" probably"

    summer bordsummer bordHari Yang lalu
    • LA*

      summer bordsummer bordHari Yang lalu
  • 😁

    JumiltainaJumiltainaHari Yang lalu
  • If I say a idiot to my mom I’ll be dead right now😂

    Genesis GarciaGenesis GarciaHari Yang lalu
  • Lil t

    Joshua KwanJoshua KwanHari Yang lalu
  • Let’s be real the only parent that will hit u with a shoe is a African or Asian mom not trying to be mean

    Benjamin OmovieBenjamin OmovieHari Yang lalu
  • The kids are SO mean to there parents

    Yareli GuerreroYareli GuerreroHari Yang lalu
  • I’d by hella mad at the boy and girl

    OdABDcDHQMOdABDcDHQMHari Yang lalu
  • Sssniper wolf please stop swering

    Derek weaverDerek weaverHari Yang lalu
  • Oh god oh lord oh mackerel... why the hellemet would I insult my mom!?!?

    StarneixStarneixHari Yang lalu
  • I get my shoes from thrift store not more than 20$

    Dea ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDea ʕ•ᴥ•ʔHari Yang lalu
  • 😀😀😀😀

    Nicholas VasquezNicholas VasquezHari Yang lalu
  • My mom will give me 10 dollars for Walmart shoes

    Nicholas VasquezNicholas VasquezHari Yang lalu
  • Hello wao

    yaii 17yaii 172 hari yang lalu
  • Lia: why do I feel like I'm the only one that's like very shocked by this Me: your not the only one that's really shocked by these kids and I'm also a kid and I don't take advantage of my mom dad and brother because I'm old enough to say bad words but I don't because my mom loves me and my family she cleans up most of the house and my brother does the rest. And I really don't think those kids know who there talking to but I know who there talking to there talking to there parents aka your BIRTH GIVERS sooooooooooooooooooooo what I'm saying is that you just won't be alive without your mom and dad Mr.And miss bossy and to wrap it all up EVERYONE HATES YOU and that's the end of this comment

    Toshani BasuToshani Basu2 hari yang lalu
  • If I talked to my mom like that.. She would have smacked me to Mars😂😂

    softiielattesoftiielatte2 hari yang lalu
  • I do

    JackGreenan_JackGreenan_2 hari yang lalu
  • i like your back ground any how you want (bigfan)

    Stephanie IgbetaStephanie Igbeta2 hari yang lalu
  • that boy does not understand what is mom is going thruough

    Stephanie IgbetaStephanie Igbeta2 hari yang lalu
  • my cousin more respectful than that

    Rosalie MontealegreRosalie Montealegre2 hari yang lalu
  • I would bet there butt. If I had a kid like that they would learn thought pain 😀

    Gail HellerGail Heller2 hari yang lalu
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Liberty Maida-HartranftLiberty Maida-Hartranft2 hari yang lalu
  • I loved her watermelon pet bed it was cute 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

    Macey ClemensMacey Clemens2 hari yang lalu
  • is it just me or is the shoes that her dad picked much prettier than the other that she picked

    Zaynab Al-Hachami EL8D 364ELGRZaynab Al-Hachami EL8D 364ELGR2 hari yang lalu
  • Parents:tells child off because they spoiled. Kids:I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gavin ButlerGavin Butler2 hari yang lalu

    Coco _PlayzCoco _Playz2 hari yang lalu
  • I love the back round it's lovely and amazing

    Gavin ButlerGavin Butler2 hari yang lalu
  • We should be grateful for our mom

    gacha_ skygacha_ sky2 hari yang lalu

    BASHAMANBASHAMAN2 hari yang lalu
  • omg

    Adline FernAdline Fern2 hari yang lalu
  • My mom gives me $10 for shoes

    Reya McguffinReya Mcguffin2 hari yang lalu
  • Lol I would beat the crap out of them 🤣😂😅🤘😈

    Manisha KaleManisha Kale2 hari yang lalu