Crazy Karens Who Took It Too Far

12 Nov 2020
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Crazy Karens Who Took It Too Far! Which Karen do you think was the worst? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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  • My mom is a Karen😒🙁☹️😣

    Chelsea RichardsChelsea Richards20 menit yang lalu
  • This video made me laugh, thanks for making my day 😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Bacon of AnimatingBacon of Animating21 menit yang lalu
  • Omg the Karen be like. Let me in dis restaurant or I will ram my head into this door and let myself in. She got OOFED badly LMAO

    GalaxyKitten_ PLAYZGalaxyKitten_ PLAYZ22 menit yang lalu
  • Kids who have a Karen dad

    Gladys Unicorn NightcoreGladys Unicorn Nightcore51 menit yang lalu
  • Lia: My very own father does this- Me: WAIT UR DAD IS A MALE KAREN??!!?!?!!? HOLY CRAP!!!! Well that was a Q&A. A very good one too.

    Miss KatMiss Kat55 menit yang lalu
  • *LOL*

    lol lollol lol58 menit yang lalu
  • The one that has the woman wanting wifi the person recording shouldve said ( After the karen said " I like you but ur acting like a #### ") " I liked you too, but you wanting MY wifi that I pay for ( or their mom / dad idk ) makes me not like you as much as i used to. NOW GO AWAY AND MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS!" Thats what they shouldve said

    Miss KatMiss KatJam Yang lalu
  • I do not like her I don’t like her

    Zoey CinnamonZoey CinnamonJam Yang lalu
  • Even if my name Karen I hate karens

    Karen SmithKaren SmithJam Yang lalu
  • Rumors has it she still stands at the door to get the WiFi

    Aryn Art queenAryn Art queenJam Yang lalu
  • This is why I stay inside BECAUSE OF THESE KAREN'S. 👁️👄👁️

    Karen SmithKaren SmithJam Yang lalu
  • If somone knocked on my window I would have got my trunk lit off my foot and whacked him with it

    Jeremiah Johnson jrJeremiah Johnson jrJam Yang lalu
  • I think I like the first karen

    Jolene WoolmanJolene WoolmanJam Yang lalu
  • wat

    Carol GreenCarol GreenJam Yang lalu
  • 3:17 I can't breathe that's is so funny 🤣 😂

    cookie rcookie rJam Yang lalu
  • Are u rasit

    John JonesJohn JonesJam Yang lalu
  • Karens are the types of people to get mad at someone for going 31 in a 30 zone

    Depressed Warriors FanDepressed Warriors Fan2 jam yang lalu
  • It’s earth worm Karen carrying the virus

    Laura McCaffreyLaura McCaffrey2 jam yang lalu
  • "put on your chin diaper!"

    Brian ClarkBrian Clark2 jam yang lalu
  • My grandma name is Karen does that mean she is not nice? 😝

    Sheri McCardellSheri McCardell3 jam yang lalu
    • Sorry

      Sheri McCardellSheri McCardell3 jam yang lalu
  • Karen: “You’re gonna start acting like the educated woman that you are.” Me: “Okay.” Karen: “?” Me: *wielding a cast iron skillet* “I’ll show you the real, educated woman that I am.” “BY BASHING YOUR BRAINS OUT IF YOU DON’T GET OFF MY LAWN. Or would you like me to call the cops...?” *says this while devilishly smiling*

    Aizawa ShotaAizawa Shota3 jam yang lalu
  • Anybody notice that the 2nd one sounds like daily dose of internet?

    Donald KernDonald Kern3 jam yang lalu
  • Karen's are so overdramatic these day's🙄

    foxy foxfoxy fox3 jam yang lalu
  • If she threatens to kill my dog I’m ending her life

    LinxLinx4 jam yang lalu
  • Wow what a bad Karen

    Ashley ChenAshley Chen4 jam yang lalu
  • Btw bus glass in the front and the back are meant to be weaker so in an emergency where emergency exits arent available you can get out. Also I really love and enjoy your videos.

    Kiwi Kitty MochaKiwi Kitty Mocha4 jam yang lalu
  • Karen's are just incredibly insane and rude and they mostly just throw fits for no reason

    jonathan cardenjonathan carden4 jam yang lalu
  • What’s so hard to use a mask in the store for 5 minutes while I’m in school wearing one for 7 hours 💀

    CandlesAreLitCandlesAreLit4 jam yang lalu
  • Hello

    Beatbox BirdBeatbox Bird4 jam yang lalu
  • lol

    Michael SmithMichael Smith4 jam yang lalu
  • Comment if you have ever had to deal with a karen Like if your watching this in December first 🌨☃️🥳

    Brady BennettBrady Bennett5 jam yang lalu
  • “I want you to go away” “I don’t have to” And She doesn’t have to give you the WiFi password

    Joann HudsonJoann Hudson5 jam yang lalu
  • How you said "you parked in my parking spot" 😂🤣

    Morgan LouvierMorgan Louvier5 jam yang lalu
  • Bruh I have among us but there’s no Karen’s in there yeah that old man like ohhh hiiiii shut your door

    Caisley The gamer girlCaisley The gamer girl6 jam yang lalu
  • When they were arguing about they egg roll I would have said that it’s food so take it or leave it.

    Azaydin Morales27Azaydin Morales276 jam yang lalu
  • What you need when you go Karen hunting: A phone,something to trigger a Karen and finally...A KAREN!

    At Home With The ValentinesAt Home With The Valentines6 jam yang lalu
  • *hello*

    Popopxo GameingPopopxo Gameing6 jam yang lalu
  • I thought a male Karen was a Kyle

    TheCrxptix ExperienceTheCrxptix Experience6 jam yang lalu
  • what do the police think when a Karen says, " Hello they wont let me in a store i have civil rights from 1986 " like bro what ru saying???

    Clare RosaClare Rosa7 jam yang lalu
  • A 8:38 the karen sounds like me when I almost broke my knee on a cabinet or get hurt deeply 🤣🚫

    Theonenumber2Theonenumber27 jam yang lalu
  • karen: I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION! lia: hahahabababababahaha Me: hhahahhabababhahah Karen: I DO AND I HAVE THE PAPER WORK TO PROVE IT! Worker: ok show me Karen: I CAN'T THEY ARE IN MY CAR (knowing damn well she don't have paper work) Worker: please get tyhe paper from your car then Karen: FINE...... B-B-B-B BUT YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT IT IS PART OF MY RELIGION THAT PEOPLE CAN'T TOUCH MY STUFF! Woker: ok ok (her knowing damn well that freaking kearn got no paper work) Keren: SEE HERE IT IS IT IS REAL NOW LET ME IN WITHOUT A MASK! (shows worked a coloring sheet" Worker: yeah no you can't come in, that isn't real (looks doors) Karen: WHAT YOU JUST MADE ME DO THAT FOR NOTHING! (runs away) lia: (still laughing) Writen by: someone HOPE YOU SEE THIS!

    marie-simone Mccarthymarie-simone Mccarthy7 jam yang lalu
  • The video that Karen who started crying cried like a goat 🐐 ( no mean to me rude)

    nael abbasinael abbasi8 jam yang lalu
  • On the one with the kids ridong their biks fast I sort off agree with hum because you should have a fucking helmet on

    rob the plonkerrob the plonker8 jam yang lalu
  • So karens complain that others "dont" wear a mask but they dont wear a mask

    xXcloudy1Xx :DxXcloudy1Xx :D8 jam yang lalu
  • I'm not disappointed in the karen. I'm disappointed in the Parents of the karen.

    opal the sea-rain_wing hybridopal the sea-rain_wing hybrid8 jam yang lalu
  • Me just watching the video sees someone listenplat that's not blurred also me😐🙂😃 hello Google

    Ryah MossRyah Moss9 jam yang lalu
  • wow my grandma still asked for whoopers at Mc.

    Nylaria HernandezNylaria Hernandez9 jam yang lalu
  • Love your vids alot like she was angry and broke tha glass and just start crying 🤣

    Fayez JamalFayez Jamal9 jam yang lalu
  • If the Karen who wanted the WiFi dose not live in that house and dose not pay for the WiFi then that’s actually illegal to be trying to use it with out there permission

    Kelsey WerbeckKelsey Werbeck10 jam yang lalu
  • I love you sssniperwolf

    Peter CarterPeter Carter10 jam yang lalu
  • I actually saw a male karen in wallmart

    Happy Mewtwo64Happy Mewtwo6410 jam yang lalu
  • I need to speak to the manager of yours sssniperwolf.

    KaelanKaelan10 jam yang lalu
  • I never saw a male karen lol

    Hugo GarciaHugo Garcia11 jam yang lalu
  • A male Karen is called a ✨Kevin✨

    H u n n i B e a rH u n n i B e a r11 jam yang lalu
  • Why she sounds like a FNAF jump-scare 🤣😂

    Haley MedinaHaley Medina12 jam yang lalu
  • Omg when you said “I never seen a blue and black speed bump” I started dieing 😂

    Smol BeanSmol Bean12 jam yang lalu
  • Kerens means can someone say me

    armyblinkarmyblink12 jam yang lalu
  • ...I have a keren G r a n d m a (Help)

    Coco PepsCoco Peps13 jam yang lalu
  • I bet cha the wifi password is No KAREN'S ALLOWED

    Z I O K OZ I O K O13 jam yang lalu
  • heres a karen i saw when i was 5 years old so mom says in public what u want princess and a karen shouted STOP SHES NOT A PRINCESS and cursed mom said stop ur teaching her bad words so we called the cashier to get her out and she went OOF

    Sally WilliamsSally Williams13 jam yang lalu
  • Lol 3:54 OwO

    Clara AftonClara Afton14 jam yang lalu
  • 4:55 - This Karen and all the other Karens thereafter were the worst ones.

    C. Syde65C. Syde6515 jam yang lalu
  • My principal is a Karen I was eating breakfast I got from McDonald's and she said put your mask on like b*tch how am I supposed to eat magically teleport it Into my mouth huh 😑

    plushie lover 40plushie lover 4015 jam yang lalu
  • Why do you want to yell and scream about your car!? Just pay lol she will probably get bullied for that and be call big baby lol who agrees?👇👇

    celsey5959 plazcelsey5959 plaz16 jam yang lalu
  • Sometimes "Karens" kidnaps kids and babys.

    Khaleda_ FarihinUwU.Khaleda_ FarihinUwU.17 jam yang lalu
  • Sorry I’ve got brown hair I can’t were a mask will probably be an excuse soon 🙄🤣

    Cumie GreensCumie Greens18 jam yang lalu
  • Zzz

    Paulina jamrozPaulina jamroz19 jam yang lalu
  • Dam They Some Wild Karens Out In This God Darn Place And There Was Some Kareehns Too

    oh NO NO oh NO NO NO NOoh NO NO oh NO NO NO NO19 jam yang lalu

    jrdnjrdn19 jam yang lalu
  • Scp foundation: Karen Type: keter

    Mr. freddelMr. freddel20 jam yang lalu
  • so I have a crush on someone Named Drake lol

    dav the dab cakedav the dab cake20 jam yang lalu
  • Omg I just... That guy that was in the car without a mask I think that is the guy from my two eathlings the dad. The voice just made me think that.

    Lifelike baby doll 1243Lifelike baby doll 124320 jam yang lalu
  • I am done🖕🏼👉🥱

    Lifelike baby doll 1243Lifelike baby doll 124320 jam yang lalu
  • The first one is very disgraceful to dogs. You gon' act like THAT yet own that beauty? smh

    Anna BowdenAnna Bowden20 jam yang lalu
  • I like it when he said Kar-en!!

    Gia'Marie Itzel CalderonGia'Marie Itzel Calderon21 jam yang lalu
  • If she lives there to how those she not have the key

    Pj RobertsPj Roberts21 jam yang lalu
  • 0:23 "Kar-EEN!!" 🤣🤣🤣

    jayjaylenchase75jayjaylenchase7521 jam yang lalu
  • Me: Wow I can’t believe ridicules people like this live in this world My Grandma: No it’s not a Pokémon it’s a pOkaMEn

    Kylee HagenKylee Hagen21 jam yang lalu
  • What type of foolishness is this woman crying for LIKE DUDE SHUT UP FOR ONCE

    Shemiah's World of PlayShemiah's World of Play21 jam yang lalu
  • And I think I'm Dumb

    Seriously RealSeriously Real21 jam yang lalu
  • The Karen's are so funny I watch this like so much times,,😁😁😁😱😱❤️😃😀😃😃

    Dave WagstaffeDave Wagstaffe21 jam yang lalu
  • No it is against the Karen religion to were a mask

    Naruto Uzumaki XD diamondNaruto Uzumaki XD diamond21 jam yang lalu
  • Maybe the second vid the karen wanted ppl to be safe from covid-19 thats why karen is knocking on the duds car

    SBG animationSBG animation22 jam yang lalu
  • At the part 6:05 I would have opened the door a little bit and when she try to get in i would slam the door right back into her face.

    Alan NewsomAlan Newsom22 jam yang lalu
  • Wait is she losing followers or is that just me?

    Becca SnyderBecca Snyder22 jam yang lalu
  • Karen’s:where is your mask *gets in face* Me:b***h *slaps and wwe slams* 😂😂😂😂

    Iyanah BellIyanah Bell22 jam yang lalu
  • We sniped a lot of illegal Karen’s

    Ian HernandezIan Hernandez22 jam yang lalu
  • What’s the difference between a egg roll and a spring roll?.?

    Denki Kaminari I love iida more than I love PikachuDenki Kaminari I love iida more than I love Pikachu22 jam yang lalu
  • When that guy was trying 2 tow that karens car i thought i heard siren head

    game mastergame master23 jam yang lalu
  • So true

    Shannon MillerShannon Miller23 jam yang lalu
  • When that guy was trying 2 tow that karens car i thought i heard siren head

    game mastergame master23 jam yang lalu
  • the old lady that's crying is literally shaking like........ o_Oo_O

    Melissa BarreraRodriguezMelissa BarreraRodriguez23 jam yang lalu
  • the old lady that's crying is literally shaking like........ o_Oo_O

    Melissa BarreraRodriguezMelissa BarreraRodriguez23 jam yang lalu
  • I’m hunting for Kawins

    DOOM SLAYERDOOM SLAYER23 jam yang lalu
  • My friend we called Mc Donald’s and can we have a whopper and they just hung up

    Gavgabe 10Gavgabe 1023 jam yang lalu
  • I call male Karen kevins

    Gigi does slimeGigi does slime23 jam yang lalu
  • I hate Karen’s😒

    Jannie FangJannie FangHari Yang lalu
  • 3:40 is the best part it is just hilarious

    Emily VoreEmily VoreHari Yang lalu
  • At 3:53 that’s my school secretary

    Harry EssesHarry EssesHari Yang lalu
  • My mom once went full out karen

    Delia PineroDelia PineroHari Yang lalu