Genius Food Inventions You Didn't Know Existed

9 Sep 2020
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Genius Food Inventions You Didn't Know Existed! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment which of these diy ideas or inventions you'd want to use! Watch the last vid Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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  • That one with green water is ILLIGLE

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  • Why do you SAY WAM BAM MAM

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  • We have a dispenser thingy that u will put in a bottle or any liquid

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  • There is a communist flag at 7:04

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  • 2:31 we have that

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  • guys i bought the water dispenser

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  • I have a I have a dispensers

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  • I have thise water dispensers it only cost 450

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  • 0:14 they have it in our school...

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  • My teacher has one of those mini fridges in the class

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  • With that bottle pouring hack who in the world keeps water jugs in their home just use the sink or bottles

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  • Most of these are really cool that I wanna try🤩

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  • I haw the sissors

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  • Wam Bam Yes Mam

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  • So we all just ignoring the Soviet flag in the fridge one????

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  • Sssniperwolf: It’S NOt tHaT dIfFICulT Me: YEs iT Is!😢

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  • Wait the usb fridge at the and of if I saw a hammer and a sickle lol who else noticed

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  • Now I'm hungry *after watching the first one*

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  • The dispenser ..... Me and mah cousin having that

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  • Baby Lia : da da da Baby Lia's dad: Lia is gonna say daddy Baby Lia: dats illegal Like if true 👇

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  • my froend has the cotton candy thing

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  • Her background changed

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  • I saw the pizza scissors on Rosanna pansios channel it works

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  • 5:26 me realising im now useless

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  • i have one of those mini friges

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  • 1:45 haahahahahahah made me laugh

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  • Watch promised Neverland

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  • Cap,n crunch isn't a captain he has thee lines on his sieves captais have four lines

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  • Enfermo

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  • i also have the five bladed scissor

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  • the one for the strawberry tops i have it

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  • I actually have that 4 blades scissors like if I'm cool because it's very helpful

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  • Who else saw the USSR flag

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  • Hi sniperwolf

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  • More like inventions you never knew eggsited hehe get it cause on the title it shows a egg hehehe I have bad puns

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  • The funnel existed but I still didn’t use it

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  • Lol im breaking up with my Bf. And we been together for 4 dayw

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  • Im not kind of shock because ive seen all of them and i have the dispenser (idk how to spell it ) water

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  • Japaneses molds egg like from making a bento

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  • Pro’s use scissors to cut herbs and stuff(My “uncle” is a pro chef)

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  • 1:00 what name is that thing

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  • Who else notice that some clips are repeated

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