Car Salesman Shames Poor Man And Instantly Regrets It

20 Nov 2020
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  • hellooo friendssss

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  • 2:13. Hi I'm Jake. Hi I'm Paul JAKE PAUL

    Dzx707Dzx70714 menit yang lalu
  • You so men he was so bad I omg you men

    Destyni GoatDestyni Goat27 menit yang lalu
  • I hate how in every video they make the actors say “so you see” I can’t be the only one who is bugged by that

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  • Hi I'm Jake Paul nice to meet you Me they said Jake Paul ewwww

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  • Hiiiii

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  • My dad makes 10 grand a month

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  • The brats names combined Jake+Paul=Jake paul

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  • This is just rude of him to judge people it makes me upsetty spaghetti when some one judges me or any one else acting or not this triggered me

    Midnight DreamsMidnight DreamsJam Yang lalu
  • Before I read a book I look at the cover to decide whether or not it's something I'm interested in.

    Jim JohnsonJim Johnson2 jam yang lalu
  • Mr.beast did that challenge where he bought a super car and looked poor

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  • Hi

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  • 20 seconds in and we can already tell who's a better person.

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  • Hi losers except sssniperwolf

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  • 5:06 is my vid time

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  • Black people are so nice!😄 *And I’m white*

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  • Hi Hola hola como te va la semana que 😨

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  • Helloooo liaaa

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  • Its the saying it 35,000 dollars when it actully 10,000

    Melanie SotoMelanie Soto4 jam yang lalu
    • What

      ꨄRoyal High developer AshleyBunni ꨄꨄRoyal High developer AshleyBunni ꨄ4 jam yang lalu
  • I don't like new car's I like old cars better

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    • uhm okay

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  • sniper wolf thats so anoing when your shouting in the middle of the video can you stop do that !!!

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  • Feel bad

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  • Not gonna lie mrbeast be like I give my friends millions of dollars

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  • And my name aliana love my phone

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  • Omg is that you sssniper wolf omg love your videos and your i am a kid you say bad words but love your videos 7 years old and 2nd grade and do more good videos believe in god and be nice kind and live you dreams

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  • THAT IS KRA KRA!!!!!!!!!

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  • It is kind of like the one with the shoes

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  • Sniper wolf is my favorite you tuber in the world

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  • My mans probably a drug dealer with that bag of money

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  • YEA LIA IS RIGHT THAT MAN STINKS THE POOR ROCKS Stay strong everyone have a great day

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  • PrEtTy SuS

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  • He called jake the other guy is called Paul together they make jake paul

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  • I am pissed at this dude, if I were old enough and able to afford the rolls royce, i would buy it for the homeless dude, right in front of the salesman's face. See his reaction..

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  • Sickinot

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  • hello ssssniperwolf i love your channal and i like all your vids i am even a subscriber and BLM like bro! HES JUST GONNA BE RUDE TO HIM LIKE BLMMMMMMMMMM

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  • she said dont judge a book by its cover 4 times like wow

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  • Salesman: I’m jake Guy: I’m Paul Me: What the world

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  • Get it Jake Paul

    Jim BeamJim Beam8 jam yang lalu
  • If u look bad or good it dosen’t matter u can afford anything u can afford for

    Leo GorisLeo Goris9 jam yang lalu
  • Don’t judge people by their looks

    Cotton candy Player slayer gamerCotton candy Player slayer gamer9 jam yang lalu
  • The car should be 500 grand

    Cotton candy Player slayer gamerCotton candy Player slayer gamer9 jam yang lalu
  • "We need more people like her" I AGREE

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  • The woman is so nice the man is rude

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  • 350k is one four bedroom house, two stories. wowowwwww

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  • He learned she soo nice

    jose garciajose garcia9 jam yang lalu
  • Who else almost cried | | V

    Layan FekaikiLayan Fekaiki9 jam yang lalu
  • They really rubbed the moral of this video in my face so hard

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  • Feel so bad even know like it's an acting but But it hurts so bad

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  • Lesson learned: bring an uni reverse card and use it UWU

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  • hi that’s tuffffff

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  • Oml I just wanna punch that dude so bad

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  • tell me why that woman looks like canary from hunterxhunter

    on my dads acc cause my phone brokeon my dads acc cause my phone broke12 jam yang lalu
  • Dhar mann right?

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  • Yo mr beast did a challenge where he got a lambo while dressed like a homeless man and the dealership guy helped him the lambo was like 240k

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  • Jake: I'm Jake Paul: Paul. =Jake Paul. 2:12

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  • Hellooooo

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  • ye this is how id choose a sales manager

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  • Could you watch dahr man girlfriend dumps her boyfriend for being to short?

    Kiera FletcherKiera Fletcher15 jam yang lalu
  • I know she was going to say that

    khrissy hodgeskhrissy hodges16 jam yang lalu
  • r/mindfuckery plot twist the salesmen are the customers

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  • i know the car sales man he name is chess

  • -*-

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  • Wait!! That blue suit guy I saw him from hannah stockings video!!!! I swear it's him!!

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  • wow hahaha o my god

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  • Ola me amigos!

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  • That guy that sssniperwolf was talking about that this guy went to a car dealership that was wearing rip t shirt and a riped sweatpants is probably mrbeast

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  • That dude is a skum bag

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  • Not trynna flex or anything but that fun fact is very true because my stepmom, who is a supermodel, actually wears a hoodie and jeans most of the time.

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  • Car guy: ur poor HAHA😂 Guy: *pulls out a bag of cash* Car guy: 😟

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  • I’m still in the early on video and I bet that the “homeless person” is this rich billionaire business man who wants to buy the car

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    • I was close but I knew it

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  • My mom makes money she makes over4657890000

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  • I feel so bad for the man I was sad I was crying when I see poor ppl I cry and I want to give mony to the ppl but dad are mom say no 😔😭👄😢

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  • To the people who are reading one day you guys will be successful. Don't give up.

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  • Sssniper wolf plz can u say I can use u name on among us

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  • Their actcors

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  • Helloooooooooooo

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  • Wait a second he change the price from $10,000-$350,000

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  • So,so,so rude

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  • That's$10,000 not$350,000

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  • Hate the rich dude

    Veronica OrozcoVeronica OrozcoHari Yang lalu
    • It's not what you think I didn't know that the black dude was rich

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  • I don't like when they say don't judge a book by its cover because why did you get pick the book because you looked at the cover

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  • His face at the end LOL

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  • Man they so big, They want to come in this place now I’m bout to eat them thangs...... BARS

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  • I think this is the lady who sold mr beast a Tesla when he acted poor

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  • Guy before any body came: Its 10,000 grand *later he says its 350,000 car* Me: wUt?

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  • D

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  • Jeff bezos has a drives a Toyota and barely wears a suit yet he is the richest man

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  • Ok she is getying my sub

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  • They don't call it the Rolls Royce 2020 Dawn for nothing.

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  • My dad’s name is Paul

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  • “I’m jake./ “Paul.” Not getting away with that.

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    • Oh no Jake Paul 😭😭😭😭

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  • People:DONT judge a book by its cover Book cover designers:THAN WHATS MY JOB FOR!?!?

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