Genius Inventions You Didn't Know Existed

22 Des 2020
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  • I have the moon lamp🤣

    Katrina RoweKatrina Rowe3 jam yang lalu
  • My grandma has that moon but has my grandpa on it and my grandma 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Lando GarciaLando Garcia3 jam yang lalu
  • You can just touch it and it I'll turn on and off I wish you could do the same with people Me and my dirty mind:✋😃

    just a stay that will not be namedjust a stay that will not be named4 jam yang lalu
  • I used to have a magnetic sand timer but then it broke. (well that was a waste of 20 dollars)

    EndlessJoy_ YTEndlessJoy_ YT5 jam yang lalu
  • My big sister has a moon lomp

    Sandy Lee JohnsonSandy Lee Johnson9 jam yang lalu
  • 6:57 dont use that my dad used it once it was RUBBISH it was leaking everywhere and when y painted it look like it was just splashed on there

    Dylan Adrian LawDylan Adrian Law9 jam yang lalu
  • stfu star platinum

    Ayman KhalifAyman Khalif13 jam yang lalu
  • Wow i didnt know that the led mask even existed

    Ayman KhalifAyman Khalif13 jam yang lalu
  • Moon shape lamp

    Neil DeanNeil Dean14 jam yang lalu
  • I have the hand sanitizer watch thing

    stella owusu boatengstella owusu boateng15 jam yang lalu
  • I had a magnetic sand timer and it is so satisfying because it was a different design each time it was flipped

    Brendan DemanueleBrendan Demanuele18 jam yang lalu
  • i got the moon lamp in my house.

    Noel EstanislaoNoel Estanislao19 jam yang lalu
  • At the time I'm watching Dark Vader (his actor) is dead now

    juliet aitujuliet aitu20 jam yang lalu
  • Make more inventions videos.

    Creative Ideas and Viral Videos.Creative Ideas and Viral Videos.Hari Yang lalu
  • SSSniper wolf: *Talks about inflatable scooter* Also SSSniperwolf: *shows picture of balloon dog*

    ItsNiahDoodlesItsNiahDoodlesHari Yang lalu
  • i joind the wolf pack

    E webbE webbHari Yang lalu
  • I actually have a magnetic sand timer

    Himiko TogaHimiko TogaHari Yang lalu
  • guys i got a smartfood popcorn ad with rick astley's never gonna give you up

    Nick- -AbilityNick- -AbilityHari Yang lalu
  • I have a different version of magnetic hour glass

    MinklesMinklesHari Yang lalu
  • A teacher has that mask at my school

    The_Renfrow89 _The_Renfrow89 _Hari Yang lalu
  • I have that moon lamp thing it has 3 collors. And its super pretty Ü

    Yukina Yumi PlayzYukina Yumi PlayzHari Yang lalu
  • God bless turn to Jesus and be saved God and Jesus is always with u!

    Martinez’s MartinezMartinez’s MartinezHari Yang lalu
  • Tooth pick

    Adriana Abou JaoudeAdriana Abou Jaoude2 hari yang lalu
  • i have the big screen stand

    Ayisha Belle JagmisAyisha Belle Jagmis2 hari yang lalu
  • Me when I saw sssniperwolf's wallpaper on the lock screen: Is it Aizawa or something??? ❤️❤️😂😂😂

    Chandra ReederChandra Reeder2 hari yang lalu
  • I have the magnetic hour glass its rlly cool

    Shawn FunnyShawn Funny2 hari yang lalu
  • Do you have a sister

    Kalpana TamangKalpana Tamang2 hari yang lalu
  • The moon lamp is amazing! I actually have it in my room and every night i turn it on it makes it so cool!

    ᴋɪᴍᴄʜɪs ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴsᴋɪᴍᴄʜɪs ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴs2 hari yang lalu
  • Turn to Jesus and be saved

    Martinez’s MartinezMartinez’s Martinez2 hari yang lalu
  • other people like when she says "Hey friends, It's me!" but me? I'm built different not actually I don't like it it reminds me of my math teacher who is like "hEy fRIEnDs hOw ARE YOu"

    grape'sodagrape'soda2 hari yang lalu
  • That ''add a bit of spice....'' got me really going XD

    FaZe SkyFaZe Sky2 hari yang lalu
  • The “hello friends,it’s. ME”part is the part of the vid that makes me exited and makes my day whenever I watch you. :)

    Cinnamon BunsCinnamon Buns3 hari yang lalu
  • If you can only talk to humans and then they turn off then that means people won't do high five

    Electric WorldElectric World3 hari yang lalu
  • 2:43

    BlackFireBlackFire3 hari yang lalu
  • my grandpa had one of those moon lamps in his office by his computer and for the longest time i had no idea what it was till now lol

    Evelyn CebroskyEvelyn Cebrosky3 hari yang lalu
  • That thing that can make your phone look bigger when you’re watching something why is my iPad is bigger than that so sucks to be you because I have it free 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Daniel SimpsonDaniel Simpson3 hari yang lalu
  • :0 i have the moon lamp :0000

    •Totally Deidaras Senpai••Totally Deidaras Senpai•4 hari yang lalu
  • can you be live please

    althea raine angloalthea raine anglo4 hari yang lalu
  • 𝙼𝚢 𝚜𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚖𝚘𝚘𝚗

    Gamer girl AhryanneGamer girl Ahryanne4 hari yang lalu
    • 𝙱𝚞𝚝 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚛𝚜

      Gamer girl AhryanneGamer girl Ahryanne4 hari yang lalu
  • Cooooool

    Maya TownsMaya Towns4 hari yang lalu
  • “ I control when you exist.” 🤣🤣🤣

    LilDude _45LilDude _454 hari yang lalu
  • But I like this tablet though... 😭

    Emma PlencnerEmma Plencner4 hari yang lalu
  • 1:21 don’t forget that

    TwisstedToastTwisstedToast4 hari yang lalu
  • Where all my people in 2021!! This is how much people are in 2021 that saw this comment!! :D V

    iiSailingSoulsiiSailingSouls4 hari yang lalu
  • My friend has a screen ampalifire idk how to spell it ok

    Cynthia Marybelle CaballeroCynthia Marybelle Caballero4 hari yang lalu
  • The worst Lia food is gLiSsY

    Rayerose MillsRayerose Mills5 hari yang lalu
  • I can't wait 'till I'm an adult bc I'm gonna find all the best products for me and my family, assuming I have enough money.

    Holly KaleHolly Kale5 hari yang lalu
  • You are our favorite Baguette 🥖🥖🇫🇷🇫🇷

    JustDancerJustDancer5 hari yang lalu
  • My brother has the laser keyboard

    Rohen SankaranRohen Sankaran5 hari yang lalu
  • my mom bought that tap moon thing its cool also i have that screen magnifier its also cool

    Eric DowlingEric Dowling5 hari yang lalu
  • hi

    callmehcookiescallmehcookies5 hari yang lalu
  • Idk why but i have that mat and its not working

    Demon GirlDemon Girl5 hari yang lalu
  • i am buying the lazer keyboard and my dog would always take it away for no reason (probably it just wants to make its own buisness).-.

    Yan KoyeeYan Koyee6 hari yang lalu
  • I have the same lamp but i have the colorful one

    Asmaa QuossaibiAsmaa Quossaibi6 hari yang lalu
  • You makes the BEST videos 🤩🥰💕😋

    Enerel ErdenechuluunEnerel Erdenechuluun6 hari yang lalu
  • Where do I get the projection keyboard I need that

    Bryce CaminaBryce Camina6 hari yang lalu
  • RUSSIAN GLIZZY it kinda looks like an ushanka (idek if ushankas are in russia)

    austro iscoolaustro iscool6 hari yang lalu
  • did anyone see the phones

    Red NinjaRed Ninja6 hari yang lalu
  • Who else kept on hearing “pop”?

    m i l k y・i s・t h e・w a ym i l k y・i s・t h e・w a y7 hari yang lalu
  • I have a light that cleans my Toothbrush

    Chuck NeylandChuck Neyland7 hari yang lalu
  • 4:32 I need this!!!

    Jennifer O'ConnorJennifer O'Connor7 hari yang lalu
  • Those moon lamps are actually cool. You can adjust the brightness for some

    SydneyNotAustralianSydneyNotAustralian7 hari yang lalu
  • Yeah it is so cool

    Fabiola SilvaFabiola Silva7 hari yang lalu
  • Cool

    Coco GimmelliCoco Gimmelli7 hari yang lalu
    • Cool

      Coco GimmelliCoco Gimmelli7 hari yang lalu
  • It’s all fun in games until someone pops ur ride 😂😂

    LEAH Luvs robloxLEAH Luvs roblox7 hari yang lalu
  • I like you cut G

    Adham HossamAdham Hossam7 hari yang lalu
  • Yall ain't seeing this

    Adham HossamAdham Hossam7 hari yang lalu
  • I have the moon lAmp too but it broken

    George LynchGeorge Lynch7 hari yang lalu
  • Lia: this is bigger then a iPad Me: I have a bigger iPad then the phone movie thing 📱

    Ryleigh GibbonsRyleigh Gibbons7 hari yang lalu
  • I like the laser keyboard

    Saidatul AkmarSaidatul Akmar7 hari yang lalu

    Hayder AljubooriHayder Aljuboori7 hari yang lalu
  • I have the moon light one but it broke 😭

    Łucaż_Płayz YTŁucaż_Płayz YT7 hari yang lalu
  • Me

    bunnygirl1712bunnygirl17127 hari yang lalu
  • Im wondering how u know all tis facs

    yunnados vlogyunnados vlog7 hari yang lalu
  • I love you videos sssniperwolf

    Lucia Do CarmoLucia Do Carmo7 hari yang lalu
  • SSSniperWolf every five seconds: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Me: BE QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    William MarsdenWilliam Marsden8 hari yang lalu
  • hello friends its me

    Soniyah O'BainyearSoniyah O'Bainyear8 hari yang lalu
  • I didnt watch this because it was my birthday and I went out

    Arwa AhmedArwa Ahmed8 hari yang lalu
  • 5:50

    Tu CiangTu Ciang8 hari yang lalu
  • [rage]

    Lucas AlinLucas Alin9 hari yang lalu
  • Lia just makes me feel so much better when she says "Hello friends its me".

    CyxapCyxap9 hari yang lalu
  • Cant wait to grow up and live alone

    Nele SakkosNele Sakkos9 hari yang lalu
  • Hi👋🏻

    C DC D9 hari yang lalu
  • Hahahaha

    Raymond MosokweRaymond Mosokwe9 hari yang lalu

    zøEzøE9 hari yang lalu
  • yo i have a moon lamp

    Young JesseYoung Jesse10 hari yang lalu
  • I hav that moon 🌙

    Lukas BrownLukas Brown10 hari yang lalu
  • My question is why you storing your food in your garage?

    Mcmorp lolMcmorp lol10 hari yang lalu
  • I knew the masks light up

    Sahara GormeSahara Gorme10 hari yang lalu
  • most of this stuff was already made in germany, colombia, and usa

    Pickme 1200Pickme 120010 hari yang lalu
  • Yeesss!

    psychomantispsychomantis10 hari yang lalu
  • You're not ganalive without Rice

    Azel RevillaAzel Revilla10 hari yang lalu
  • Ooh are you a anime fan too The wallpaper at 5:59

    B Pranathi LaxmiB Pranathi Laxmi10 hari yang lalu
  • My Birthday is junuary 28

    Azel RevillaAzel Revilla10 hari yang lalu

    Amy GuerreroAmy Guerrero10 hari yang lalu
  • Well I knew that- SSSniperWolf:I SAID YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS

    John HumeJohn Hume10 hari yang lalu
  • I have a moon lamp and.. meditation time has never been better :D

    IsshiMochaIsshiMocha10 hari yang lalu
  • we have one of those staplers that use no staples it is very useful

    Sunny FunSunny Fun10 hari yang lalu
  • Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiii

    Ray AndonovskiRay Andonovski10 hari yang lalu
  • Plz see your old video❤️ I am from india 🙏

    dance Queendance Queen10 hari yang lalu